一個以前不諳手作的 90 後女生跑到國外學習手工皂,因而治癒了緊張情緒的小小創作和文字歷程

Soul Soap Original Soap Class & Certificate course (both Eng&中文version)

〖Soul Soap Original Soap Class & Certificate course〗
Online & Offline Class both available

・1.-3 hours of soap making healing time
.A wide range of courses in various styles, with over 20 options to choose from.
.Sign up for 8 or more workshops to apply for teaching qualifications and for commercial use.
.The finished product can be used for bathing and washing the face, and can be used for sensitive skin.

Suitable for:
1/ Social worker/ teacher/ medical worker
2/ Parents needed to take care of children
3/ Slashers
4/ Those who are physically and mentally tense
5/ Soap Artists
6/ People who are concerned about skin problems

【Workshop for trial】
Class time: 1.5-3 hours
Price: 650-1500 HK Dollars
Quantity of finished products: 2-6 pieces

【”Soulsoap Original” certificate program】
Price: 8 selected workshop prices + $600 certificate and material fee.
Class time: Approximately 16-18 hours, producing over 20 finished products in total.
Exclusive access: 8 exclusive works with notes and teaching qualification certificates.

“Soul Soap Original” Workshop : https://soulsoapstudio.com/product-category/soul-soap-original-%e5%b0%88%e5%8d%80/

Certificate courses include:
✔ Basic knowledge of cold process soap making (how to calculate ingredients)
✔ Instructions for using tools and materials
✔ Exclusive Handmade Soap making techniques
✔ Handmade Soap Color-mixing techniques
✔ Sharing entrepreneurial experiences and material sources.
✔ Join the WhatsApp alumni group for free.
✔ Enroll in other courses and enjoy discounts for returning students.

— Chinese Version 中文版在下面 —

〖Soul Soap Original Soap Class& Certificate course〗
❗️單次工作坊 Or 自選 8款證書課程❗️

Soul Soap 原創造型手工皂款式
*各種風格全方位課程,超過 20款可供選擇

1/ 社福教育工作者
2/ 照顧孩子需要的家長
3/ 斜槓副業人士
4/ 身心緊繃者
5/ 藝術工作者
6/ 關注皮膚問題人士

上課時間:1.5- 3小時
價錢:HKD 650- 1500
成品數量:2- 6顆不等

[自 選 8 款 證 書 課 程]
上課時間:約 16-18小時,共製作超過 20顆成品

“Soul Soap Original” Workshop : https://soulsoapstudio.com/product-category/soul-soap-original-%e5%b0%88%e5%8d%80/

✔ 造型冷制皂的基礎知識(如何計算成分)
✔ 使用工具和材料說明
✔ 獨家手工皂造型技巧
✔ 手工皂調色技巧
✔ 分享創業經驗談和材料來源
✔ 免費加入 WhatsApp 舊生群,交流意見
✔ 報讀其他課程,享有舊生優惠

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